Logo von Parttime Audiophile       None other than Dave McNair, mastering engineer with several Grammy awards, has tested the Merason DAC1 and says: „[…] it is my opinion the Merason DAC-1 is a serious contender for best DAC at any price.”

Logo von Fairaudio       „When the last note of the album had faded away, I just didn't have the feeling, "okay, you just listened to a CD," but thought, "I was there," says an enthusiastic Jochen Reinecke from Fairaudio, after hearing the Merason frérot.

LowBeats VU-Meter 4.6       Andreas Günther from LowBeats also likes our new baby.

IFAs-Hammer 5.9       Again an IFAs-hammer for our products. HiFi-IFAs give our youngest offspring, the Merason frérot, 5.9 hammer points!

Logo Fairaudio       Martin Mertens from Fairaudio is also impressed by the Merason DAC1. Read for yourself how he was immediately captivated by it.

LowBeats VU-Meter 4.7 überragend       In December 2019, the Merason DAC1 almost left Jürgen Schröder, reviewer with LowBeats, speechless. Since then, the Merason DAC1 has been the reference at LowBeats.

HIFIStatement       In May 2019, Wolfgang Kemper from HIFISTATEMENT extensively listened to the Merason DAC1 and reported on it.

IFAS-HIFI-Hammer Note 5.8       The Merason DAC1 converter, at that time still under the name Purson, was tested in November 2018 by HiFi-IFAs member Falk Visarius on the HiFi-IFAs blog.